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Rachel Stone

Rachel Stone is a published author (Love Affair 101: 5 Keys To Taking Charge of Your Life and Feeling Loved Again, After Divorce), speaker, coach, mom, and lover of life.

She’s a Master’s level therapist with decades of experience in the mental health field. After going through her own divorce, with two young children, she now coaches women how to claim their power, identify their chosen paths and step into their new lives, after divorce, with strength and purpose.

With combined personal and professional experience, Rachel helps women GROW through their grief, loss, and adversities, not just “go through it”.

The Divorced Mom's Survival Guide

Value: $97
Quantity: Unlimited

There is no escaping the fact that separation and divorce can be painful, especially when you’re a new single mom and worried about the kids you have in tow. Divorce can literally be one of life’s greatest challenges. How you handle yourself, post-split will be the key to recovery. The Divorced Mom’s Survival Guide gives you a glimpse into what to expect during divorce and how to navigate through it, as a new single mom. When you get divorced, every area of your life can be affected, including your finances, how you handle co-parenting, dating again, the “other woman” …the works. Rachel lays out some of her own top 10 real-life, inspirational stories as a divorced mom who has made mistakes along the way, lived through it, survived, and thrived. And, you can, too. Sometimes, when you’re overwhelmed and filled with fear, it’s hard to know which way to turn. This eBook is a “real-talk” girlfriend’s guide to prepare you for some of the things you never knew you would need to know. These are the first steps in taking care of yourself (and your children), how to develop new-found confidence as a single mom, and ways to enhance your self-worth… making it easier and quicker to bounce back from divorce and live a happier, healthier, purpose-filled life that you love.

Best Next Move Clarity Call with Personalized Guided Meditation

In your Best Next Move Clarity Call you will receive a unique approach using mindfulness and positive psychology to help you get clear on the best next steps you can take to lower your stress and bring some focus and direction back into your life… as well as some purpose, for you and for your children. To further solidify the experience, we will end with a personalized guided meditation.

Value: $250
Quantity: 3

Kaye-De-Ann Rattray

I help women live to their fullest potential, living the life they desire when they know there is more for them. I do this by helping them heal the past and intentionally create the future they envision.

I am a Board Certified Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, with an MS in counseling, a narcissist survivor, and a lifelong student of spiritual and personal growth. I use this amazing combination to help my clients reach optimal success.

HEAL E-book

Value: $127
Quantity: Unlimited

The foundation of success begins with inner healing…

In my HEAL e-book, I demonstrate how the pain and burdens of past generations impact our current lives and I provide some simple steps on how to release what is weighing you down.

Get ready to be inspired to live your life your way!

Healing Coaching Package

In our 3 hourly sessions together, we will go beyond the surface, diving deep into the core of the issues that are holding you back in achieving success and being the person you desire to be.

In a safe space, you will finally be able to see the connection of the pieces of where it started to where you are. Each session includes a clear and individualized plan for the next best step of how to move your life forward.

Value: $999
Quantity: 3

Lisa Fourre

Lisa helps survivors of toxic relationships get past their past and develop healthy connections with her no-nonsense approach.

She has coached women in all phases of their personal lives to accept what wasn’t working, decide what is best for them, and take steps to achieve it.

Lisa has spent 20+ years confronting mental and emotional abuse from different people in her life including her parents and an alcoholic ex-husband. She used this time to study their behaviors, understand their logic, and learn how to help others overcome the toxic cycles, abusers, exhibit and draw us into.

My Happy Place ebook

Value: $27
Quantity: Unlimited

An ebook that will help you calm your mind and find peace. I created this mental exercise when I was going through a divorce and needed to shut my brain down and get some much-needed sleep.

Your mind can truly only think about one thing at a time. Let the information on these pages be that thing.

N.G. (Neal) Abramson

I turned my life around from being a high school drop-out and a juvenile delinquent to becoming a best-selling author having three degrees and a position I love as an academic advisor.

I’ve been involved in personal growth work for the last 30 years as a participant and coach. And I’m committed to helping people who know they want more out of life to get out of their own way, so they can take action and move forward in their lives and businesses.

The 4 Steps to Stop Holding Yourself Back

Value: $97
Quantity: Unlimited

When you know you’re holding yourself back, you’ll be able to move forward with your dreams and desires—no matter what your situation looks like. You’ll be able to do what you’ve been wanting to do for the longest time.

In this guide, I will show you what’s needed, so you can get out of your own way. You’ll learn how to see where and how you’re holding yourself back. So you’ll be able to stop doing that and start doing the things you really want to.

Dolly Garlo

Dolly Garlo helps service professionals, business owners, and entrepreneurs design the work or business you most enjoy – for not an only financial success, but also to have the preferred lifestyle you work so hard to create, filled with what you love most.

Combining experience as a registered nurse, attorney, business development coach, and advisor, Dolly’s superpower is helping others to uncover theirs.

When she isn’t doing the work she loves assisting clients to create theirs, Dolly enjoys travel and adventures at home in the Florida Keys and the Rocky Mountains with her husband Robert and their Salty Dog.

Discover Your Unique Brilliance Power Tool

Value: $147
Quantity: Unlimited

Wish you had a way to comfortably stand out, showcase your best, and get what you want? Too many people never do because they believe they need to become something that they are not. At best, you look like everyone else… and that can be a recipe for disaster.

The Discover Your Unique Brilliance Power Tool helps you to identify your amazing combination of skills, qualities, characteristics, and experiences that allow you to make an important difference in the world and the relationships you form – both personally and in business. Not only does this innovative tool help you uncover your unique superpowers, it also shows you how you can choose to “do what comes naturally” and joyfully… and prosper from delivering it.

Then you can more clearly and confidently articulate your true value and earn the money you deserve from working with clients you love, so your work – and your life – become far more fulfilling.

Work/Life Success Strategy Session

A private 45-minute consultation with Dolly to explore your ideal work or business and lifestyle design. You can “have it all” – everything important to you. Gain clarity on just what that includes, where you are now, your resources, and what you need to get, and where you most want to go. Together, we can determine your best next steps to get there.

Value: $400
Quantity: 2

Mary Greenlee

In 2009, Mary’s husband of 46 years died in 6 days after a diagnosis. He was a very successful in-demand lawyer. Mary thought all was in order…papers, finances, medical info, his wishes.

It was NOT. Took years and lots of $ to get everything straight. After going thru the demanding process of getting it all in order, Mary now helps other women & men avoid what she went through.

She created The Life Facts Book so you can have all your important facts in order, and peace of mind when you need it most.

Life’s Transitions happen…you can be ready.

Life Facts ~ Health Info at Your Fingertips Guidebook

Value: $47
Quantity: Unlimited

Mary B. wants to help you to be better prepared when Life’s Events, like medical emergencies, happen. Read Mary’s story, and don’t let it be yours.

Get your Life Facts – Health Info At Your Fingertips Booklet, and get set. Compile all of your data in one file with the help of this booklet.

It’s easy to read, fill out and save.

You’ll be prepared, and feel relieved that your Health Info is Accessible, Findable, and Ready to Go!

The Life Facts Book: A Comprehensive Life Facts Management System

The Life Facts Book Complete in Spiral Version! Have you spent hours hunting for Medical, Financial, Legal, or Personal Documents?

Ever thought, “I should’ve prepared my records earlier?” Are you prepared to quickly locate and transport important papers in an emergency?

Here’s how you can get your really important stuff together before “IT” happens. This is a comprehensive guide/workbook for households of any size, location, or age. Learn how to keep your information accessible, safe, secure, and current.

51 downloadable, writeable, printable, and saveable PDF’s identify all Personal, Medical, Legal and Financial Facts. Info can be recorded directly onto the forms in the Life Facts Book or downloaded online into your PC and even stored in the Cloud. The Bonus is 50+ pages of helpful hints and other educational resources that will help prepare you for life’s inevitable transitions. Everything will be sent right to your home.

Value: $69.99
Quantity: 1

Annie Huang

Annie is a refugee lawyer-turned-life coach. She is the author of Brave Again and Girl, You Don’t Need to be Perfect.

As an introvert and recovering perfectionist, she’s had to struggle with her own inner mean girl for a long time. At one point in her life, it got so bad that she became paralyzed by procrastination. It went on for years until she finally figured out strategies and tools to deal with it, and that changed her life.

Today, she’s passionate about empowering women to take back control of their thoughts, regain their confidence, and transform their lives.

The Quick Guide to Silencing Your Inner Critic

Value: $49
Quantity: Unlimited

Sick of Getting in Your Own Way? Discover how to silence your inner critic and stop negative thoughts in their path, so you can regain confidence and find your voice.

Get your copy of the step-by-step Quick Guide to Silencing Your Inner Critic – including what to say when it shows up!

The truth is, we all seem to have a special talent for being hard on ourselves. The most common way for us to beat ourselves up is through our inner critic, which is that negative voice inside our heads.

It can be downright nasty and mean, and says things like, “You are pathetic!” or it can be more subtle like, “It’s not possible.”

It gets even louder when we’re going through a rough time, triggering our deepest insecurities and all we see are our faults and problems. And this is why getting on top of our inner critic matters more in uncertain times like these, when we’re in the middle of a global pandemic and feeling out of control.

It’s time to take back control, stop being your worst enemy, and start living your best life!

Monica Armstrong

Monica helps smart women open to their creative spirit and access their wisdom within.

A Visual Artist for 40 years and a Certified Spiritual Director beautifully combine to help develop your unique creative spark with spiritual inspiration. Her art expresses the fullness of the spirit and dignity of women everywhere.

The founder of Spirit Matters Studio, Monica mentors women’s spiritual and creative journey in her Wisdom’s Circle Workshops, created for women to come together, discover, and activate their inner wisdom, allowing peace and clarity of purpose in all aspects of life.

Lighten the heart, inspire creativity, strengthen your spirit!

7 Keys to Your Inner Wisdom

Value: $147
Quantity: Unlimited

You have Wisdom Within, which has been given to all women since the beginning of time. Sometimes you need help to find it…and use it.

Monica brings you 7 Keys to help you access what is already there…Your Inner Wisdom….so you can apply it to all aspects of your life. Experience more peace of mind, clarity of purpose, and surety in your decisions. Videos and Workbook pdf to beautifully guide you.

The Blessing Project: “Blessings for Life”


Come learn how to create blessings in your life and the life of those you care about. A beautiful one day workshop to learn the elements of blessings, and how to celebrate special occasions in your life.

There are 3 major steps to creating a blessing…you’ll have a pattern for blessings, including comfort, to celebrate, and to memorialize. And to send on any day for no reason except to send love. A wonderful lifelong skill to enrich your life and the life of the world.

Includes a downloadable template to fill in with your customized blessing and send as a gift.

Value: $197
Quantity: 3

Deveshi Blue

I am a Highly Sensitive and Empathic woman who has suffered from emotional abuse and PTSD, and I have worked hard to heal my head and my divine heart.

I’ve become aware of the impact which negative, drama-queens, and controlling narcissistic people have had on my life.

Through research, study, training, and over 30 yrs of spiritual practices, I’ve found antidotes to cope with, and counter their abusive influence in my life,

Giving me:

  • Freedom from being pulled into dramas
  • Lots of peace of mind
  • Refined understanding of myself as a spiritual being
  • A deeper connection with my Inner-Self, experiencing Joy & Light!

I now teach my clients to do the same.


Value: $297
Quantity: Unlimited

My Divine Feminine Energy Affirmations ebook gives directives on how to release toxic thoughts, relationships, and patterns to support you to Reclaim your Inner Divine Light Energy!

  • RELEASE:  Negative toxic thought
  • REMOVE:   Relating that keeps you from your joy
  • RECLAIM:   Peace of mind to Renew your Divine Energy 

Customized Digital Meditation Audio Session

No matter what you’re trying to do to keep your sanity, you will need your inner light resourced.

My soothing guided imagery session is the perfect respite for stressed-out people and includes a Phone call to confirm what works best for you in a
downloadable mp3 you can listen to for a lifetime!

No need to shop the app store – It’s customized to you! We’ll deliver it all to you soon!

Value: $197
Quantity: 3

Louise VN Liebenberg

Louise is an international bestselling author and transformational coach and counselor who specializes in Adult Child Syndrome, Self Esteem Development and Transforming Unresolved Grief.

She loves taking long road trips with her husband, exploring new places on her motorbike. At home, she likes nothing better than writing her next book with three cats curled up on her legs. She gets her creative outlet in doing stained glass and ceramics.

As your “Fearless Magnificence Coachelor” she believes in your ability to shine, overcome and transform your life and relationships.

4-Day Self Worth Challenge

Value: $67
Quantity: Unlimited

This is for you if…
You are tired of people-pleasing
Your ‘No’ only produce results if you blow up
You are ultra-hard on yourself
You are desperate to be valued for you
You feel unnoticed and unsupported
You are tired and just want it to be easier
You know there are invisible barriers that are keeping you stuck
What you have been trying is not working and you know something has to change

A 4-day online challenge with prompts, worksheets, challenge tasks, daily live sessions, and a bonus one-on-one for everyone who finishes the challenge tasks!

Self-esteem Evaluation Questionnaire and One-on-One Session

Self Esteem is your single biggest asset in life. It makes everything better – relationships, careers, opportunities, inner peace, and the circle you surround yourself with.

Get your free evaluation and insights and action plan in your one-on-one from a Self Esteem Specialist.

Value: $167
Quantity: 3

Marie Maccagno

Marie is a skillful workshop leader and passionate writing mentor, committed to supporting your writing dreams. After walking the Camino de Santiago in 2009, she followed a path to reclaim her voice by writing her memoir. Now she creates nurturing spaces for women to share their experiences. Within small group circles, Marie guides each person to write with ease and hear the power of freshly written words.

When you come together within a network of like-minded others, you may discover new and empowering stories arising from the writing process. Envision the possibilities for healing and transformation that await you here.

Three Tips to Begin Writing Your Memoir

Value: $197
Quantity: Unlimited

At some point in your past, you enjoyed writing. You feel the desire to write, and yet you may wonder whether anyone would ever want to read your stories. However much you try to push down the impulse to begin putting words onto paper, it just doesn’t go away. You even have friends and family members saying to you, “You should write that down!”

Creative energy emerges when you begin writing about strong memories, important people, and life-changing experiences. A gradual process of transformation and healing occurs when one makes a commitment to writing and sharing with others.

Here is the beginning of a New Year, a great time to start on a project, knowing that by the end of 2021, you will be holding a completed version of your dream in your hand.

Begin today with this free gift to get you going!

Carlene Kelsey

Carlene Kelsey is the CEO & founder behind www.CarleneKelsey.biz. She has been called the “go-to-gal” when it comes to unraveling the online technical stuff needed to get your business listed online.

She specializes in WP Website Design that works for you 24/7 and shows off your company’s strengths to the world. Carlene has been helping entrepreneurs online since 2009 and wants to interact with as many businesses as feasibly possible to help them shine online.

2021 Content Marketing Planner

Value: $37
Quantity: Unlimited

The Planner includes everything you need to plan out your content for this year and beyond.

A full 18 Pages

  • Goals & Objectives
  • Calendar
  • Checklists
  • Brainstorming Sheet
  • Holiday Content Jumpstart
  • Plus a Bonus of 20 Social Media Images
  • and much…. more.

58 Point Website Audit

This Giveaway Includes a Raffle for 4 FREE 58 Point Website Assessments

  • What’s working & what’s not.
  • How to Improve Your Site now.
  • Expert advice and insight on design, clarity, and more.
  • Know the necessary improvements need right now.

Think of how you could discover exactly where your WEBSITE may be failing you. Imagine if you didn’t have to guess about how to fix your website to get more customers and make more sales.

Perhaps you’d finally be able to make sure your customers found everything they were looking for on your site. You’d know what could be improved right now on your website. Or even if you’d be certain that your website was working for you 24/7.

Value: $197
Quantity: 4

Amy Robbins-Wilson

Angelsong Awakener, Amy Robbins-Wilson, helps women who struggle with anxiety and depression to heal and align their energy bodies so that they can access their intuition for happier, healthier lives.

She has dedicated the past 30 years to the intersection of music and healing and is the creator of a form of energetic healing work called Angelsong Awakenings. She has released 5 albums of healing music which can be found wherever you listen to and buy music. Her online Angelsong Awakening course will be available in early 2021. For more information, you are invited to AmyRobbinsWilson.com.

Easily Access Your Intuition for a Happier, Healthier You.

Value: $111
Quantity: Unlimited

Have you ever wished you could easily access your intuition for better health and happiness? You can! This vibrant five-part video series with Angelsong Awakener, Amy Robbins-Wilson, includes:

What intuition really is. Hint: It is not what you think…

Meeting Your Energy Body (and why this is crucial to the growth of your intuition).

Breathing for Divine Connection. (A technique is given to Amy by her angelic guides that you will not get anywhere else.)

Practical, Easy ways to Set Up Your Divine Messaging System to communicate with your divine helpers.

Exclusive Angelsong Musical Meditation for Connecting with Your Angels and Guides.

Join Amy to learn the techniques you need to live a happier, more joyful, purposeful life.

You will be glad you did!

Angelsong Awakening Consultation

Join Amy for a 45-minute Angelsong Awakening Consultation. During this call, you will work directly with Amy to identify which Archangel can best assist you in an area of challenge in your life. Amy will then help you to create a plan in working with them for greater ease, peace, and joy.

Value: $222
Quantity: 2

Sheryl Bernstein

Sheryl is The Creative Muse & Visibility Coach. Over 3 decades in Show Biz, performing, producing, directing plus Law of Attraction Certified Coach. An expert in the art and tech of being seen, authentically … and genuinely connecting with your clients.

With a real gift of clarity, vision & implementation, Sheryl helps you create the videos, freebies & emails that create your business. Sheryl lives in Los Angeles and loves trees, gardens, animals. Inspired by nature.

10 Things to Know Before You Video ~ Do's and Don'ts To Save You Time, Help You Shine and Look Like a Pro

Value: $197
Quantity: Unlimited

Sparkle and be YOU on Video! Learn tips and tricks from L.A. Actress, Coach, and Visibility Pro Sheryl Bernstein. She shows you Do’s and Don’ts to save you time, help you shine, and look like a pro on video. To be seen, known, and get your message out there. Guide and videos to walk you thru all ten. Plus, you’ll receive her Masterclass “Hollywood Insider Secrets to Being Fab on Camera”. A beautiful way to help you be your best you in front of the camera, everywhere you appear. So you are ready…and ready for everything!

The Creative Coaching Bundle

Personal Coaching Sessions! Just for you, Coaching & Creating with The Muse. To work on whatever you need…camera confidence, video, set, freebie, email content, writing, set up systems, or clarity in figuring stuff out. I’ll help you create and implement to get you up and running. An amazing package to help you SHINE in 2021. 3 hours.

Value: $497
Quantity: 2

Cynde Canepa

Cynde Canepa is a Certified Oola Life & Money Coach who guides your journey to financial safety while living an Oola life-work balance & growing lifestyle.

My Happy Place ebook

Value: $197
Quantity: Unlimited

Create a plan for getting what you truly want in your life, your career, your finances, and more

I’ll be guiding you through creating your lifestyle “wish list,” then developing a plan for achieving those wishes in your finances, health, career, relationships, leisure pursuits, and more – faster than you ever thought possible

I’ll even give you a formula for setting goals and deciding what to work on first. Don’t keep living in overwhelm—especially when there’s a proven system for finding balance in our unbalanced world.

Eva Goulette

Eva is the founder of Dancing Jaguar’s Spirit Camp, a summer program filled with self-help tools for children. Recently, she expanded her programs and is now teaching other adults how to provide children with these valuable life skills. She has shared her work at education symposiums, professional development classes for teachers, and is currently offering her programs in the Montessori education system.

Meeting Your Inner Critic and Inner Champion Meditation

Value: $97
Quantity: Unlimited

When we experience negative self-talk, it undermines our self-confidence and stops us from reaching our full potential. If your client has an inner critic that is constantly undermining their progress, no matter how hard you work with them, the results won’t change until they have learned to SILENCE THEIR INNER CRITIC! The “Meeting Your Inner Critic” script is designed to help your client kickoff the year by identifying thought patterns that are blocking their progress.

Katherine Soto

Katherine E. Soto discovered her passion for writing when she was a high school student and her first works were poetry. After graduating, she worked as a special education teacher, and, when she retired in 2013, Katherine decided to focus on her love for writing. Katherine enjoys composing short stories, flash fiction, poetry, sci-fi/fantasy novels, and nonfiction.

A Blank Page Solution: A Planning Guide for Short Story Writing

Value: $100
Quantity: Unlimited

I have put together a story chart, a character chart, and a setting chart for writers to use when planning a short story. I have found these tools help when working with new writers. I know more experienced writers will be able to use them, too. There are simple instructions to follow inside the booklet that goes with each chart.

Petra Monaco

Author + Artist + Strategist + Coach + Teacher and the founder of The Rebels Den a blog that covers all things life and business.  

She helps freedom-seeking Rebels + Creatives + Multi-Passionates to stay on track and follow dreams through

  • problem-solving
  • focusing on goals
  • developing an action plan
  • providing accountability

So that frustration is a thing of the past and a regular abundance part of life. Get the support you want to really show up for yourself, eliminate excuses, and watch yourself get closer to your dreams + goals.

Goal Setting Tool Kit

Value: $37
Quantity: Unlimited

The Goal Setting Tool Kit helps set goals for 90-days, reduce creative overwhelm, and stop procrastinating on taking action!

One of the biggest challenges people have is being clear on what they want to achieve which makes it difficult to know what to focus on.

Goal setting doesn’t have to be overwhelming or intimidating! What it does require is to push the boundaries of your comfort zone and a willingness to go to the next level in order to achieve your dreams + goals!

The next 90 days are the most critical when beginning a new habit or simply reaching a goal. Take some time to focus on your most important goals. Think about what goals are possible within the next 90 days and how you will achieve them!