Best Year Giveaway!

Help people have the best year in 2022!

Hi! I’m Petra Monaco and I’ll be your host for this giveaway!

Why the Best Year Giveaway? Well, that’s easy!

People struggle to cope with the changes they had to experience as life was given a situation no one expected. And part of my mission is always to guide people into the decision to have the best year no matter the chaos that may reside outside.

It can be really tough to find tools and resources that can help in those challenging situations and the giveaway is the spot where we can combine gifts for people to choose from so that they can make it through the chaos and hopefully never have another case of the Mondays again.

And let’s be honest, you want to help people and it can be a bit of a challenge to find those that may need your services the most. And this is why the Best Year Giveaway was created so you can jump in front of the people and make that connection to share your mission, passion, and expertise with them.

And I guess that you are a life or wellness + health coach, energy healer, medium, personal development mentor who is not business-to-business oriented but rather for every day people who could benefit from the work that you do – and it can be a challenge to get the word out.

I am teaming up with 24+ coaches, healers, and mentors like you to share your gifts with the world because everyone deserves to have the best year!

If want you part of this giveaway and if you help people:

  • get clear on their purpose
  • tackle mindset challenges
  • heal emotional + physical pain
  • loving yourself and what it means
  • connect to their intuition
  • gain clarity for their dreams + goals
  • find a way to better health
  • creating peace at home and everywhere else
  • laughter and stress relationship
  • embracing body positive
  • why resting and downtime matters
  • intuitive eating
  • incorporate improved nutrition
  • improve communication in their relationships
  • Reduce comparison
  • practice self-care to honor their own needs

If something isn’t listed and you’re not sure, email me at

So what does this all mean when you decide to participate

Do your purpose work!

You get to help people with the thing that you do so incredibly well with the tools + resources to have the best year!

Daily Promotion!

There will be daily traffic to the giveaway so that everyone gets the opportunity to have their free gift seen.

Copy + Images

Creating your marketing material is hard enough and you won’t have to for this giveaway as they’ll be provided.

Connect with the Community

You can meet and greet the people that sign up in our private connection space!

Ready to join the Giveaway? Here’s the things you need to know? 

Take notes!

Promotion Period: January 10th, 2022 – January 21st, 2022

Contributor Fee: $97

Email List: Minimum of 100 engaged subscribers. You’ve been emailing them at least once a week as well as making an offer to your list.

Commitment: 3 solo emails + 7 social media posts

Immediate Upsells: That’s gonna be a no from me as we want to make sure that we remain of services during the giveaway period and create space for people to be open to receiving the gifts offered. Of course, emails that are part of your gift is fine – all selling is to be done after the giveaway is over.

Claim your Space!

It’s time to reserve your spot but that doesn’t happen until you have paid the contributor fee and your intake form has been submitted.

Please know that if your gift isn’t a great match for this giveaway we’ll reach out to you and come up with a solution that makes sense. If that isn’t possible you’ll get your money refunded.

Once you reserve your spot, you will be directed to the Best Year Giveaway Hub where you will find the form to fill out and everything else relates to the giveaway – social media images and swipe copy access.

Let’s talk a bit more about your gift! 

Your Free Gift is required for everyone that signs up via the Giveaway Opt-in page. This is for an unlimited amount of people and they get access when they sign up for it. Your Free gift can be a tool, template, training, script, video, meditation, exercise, recipe. It’s not meant for a service or coaching!

You will have the option to do a raffle for people that sign up for your gift. Here you get to set limits and decide how many people can fin your raffle gift. This can be additional tools, templates, training, scripts, videos, meditations, exercises, recipes, coaching, or service.

All gifts must help everyday people create their best year and include topics around how to eat better, improve sleep, heal emotional and physical pain, start a mindful or yoga routine, mindset for a positive outlook, connect to intuition, divine interpretation, and more.

Your Opt-In Page must have the following:


  • Title of your Gift Offer
  • Description of your Free Gift and the benefits
  • A way for people to sign up for your Free Gift

Your Thank you Page must have the following:


  • A confirmation message for people who have signed up
  • Details on how to access their gree gift and when/how they’ll be notified about the raffle winner

The deadline to join is December 31st, 2021

Links to your pages must be submitted by January 7th, 2021 as we will be testing your link on January 11th, 2021.

Promoting the Giveaway: You will be provided with the promotional email copy, social media posts, and graphics.

The promotion window is January 10th, 2022 – January 21st, 2022. All promo must be done during this time.

Your Raffler Winner Notifications: You must choose a winner and provide me and my team with your winner’s full names (first + last) by February 9th, 2021.

You will notify your winner no later than January 26th, 2022.

You can have a one-time offer that’s $47 or less on your thank you page!

Only 36 Spots left! Deadline to join ends in...








Petra Monaco is an author, artist, coach, strategist, and the founder of The Rebels Den who sometimes moonlights as a virtual assistant and web designer.

She inspires people who struggle with taking action to follow their dreams + focus on their goals so they can create the life they want.

And thanks to following her own dreams + goals she can do whatever she wants every day as well as be present for her special needs son, and her family that includes 2 other adult sons, 3 grandkids and an amazing partner of 16 years.

When not trying to survive the chaos and a pandemic – Petra and her partner can be found supporting the local music scene or camping in the woods.

We’re also giving back!

Urea Cycle Disorder is a rare genetic disorder that impacted our family on a personal level. And the work that the National Urea Cycle Foundation does is pretty important!   

My son was diagnosed with Urea Cycle Disorder – CPS 1 at the age of 4 and through connections worldwide I know how challenging and devastating this disorder can be.   

From brain damage, coma, and even death there is so much to be researched and learned to help people impacted by this disorder! The National Urea Cycle Disorders Foundation is a lifeline of information and support for all those affected by urea cycle disorders.  

For this giveaway, $.50 for every opt-in received will go to the National Urea Cycle Foundation for the continued work they are doing to help, connect, support and research so that another family impacted may not lose a loved one. 

Let’s Recap

Promotional Window: January 25th – February 5th, 2021

Deadline to confirm participation: December 31, 2020

Contributor Fee: $97

Email List: Minimum of 100 engaged subscribers. You’ve been emailing them at least once a week as well as making an offer to your list.

Commitment: 3 solo emails + 7 social media posts

Immediate Upsells: You can have a one-time offer that’s $47 or less on your thank you page!

Questions? Send an email to